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Court Rentals


per hour per volleyball court


cancellation policy

If you have any questions, please contact Evan Case at:


Step 1: Check Calendar

Please use the link directly below to access a VIEW ONLY version of our availability for each court. After reviewing this calendar for your desired day and time, you can then use the second link to search for and book your desired time.

Step 2: Book and Pay

Please use the link below to make your court rental bookings. You will first need to be sure you create a client profile.

***NOTE: If you are interested in renting a BASKETBALL court, please call our office at 210-323-0181***

Step 1: Check Calendar

The fastest way to find a court on the day of your choice

If you are searching for particular days, the fastest way is to check the filled calendar to see which courts are open on that day. This view shows all courts and all times so you can quickly see what to book.


Step 2: First Choose a Court

Begin by choosing which court you wish to book

Each court has its own availability, which is why its recommended to check the view only calendar before you get to this step.


Next choose the time frame to search for availabilities:

The results will show all available slots for that court continually into the future. If you cannot find the exact time you are looking for, go back to the first step and see if another court is available on that time or day.


You must login or register an account to proceed to the final step

All that is required to create the account is name, email, and password. Once you have created your account, you will have to verify your email and enter a little more information like your address and birthday. All of this will be saved for a speedy checkout in the future. After your account is created and verified the last step is to enter your payment information and then the booking is complete!



Last Minute Bookings

There is a 12 hour window for making a booking. If you miss that window you can email to make a last minute booking.

Check in at front desk

When you arrive, first stop by the check in desk to see what court you will be on.

1 cart of volleyballs

Each booking will be provided with 1 cart of volleyballs and use of orange dots. All other equipment (Vertec and Setting targets are OFF LIMITS unless authorized by Peggy Blair)

Do not put tape on the floor

The only tape allowed on the floors is blue painters tape. If you put painters tape on the floor you are required to remove it at the end of your reservation.

After you finish

If you move chairs or any other FSC equipment, you MUST put it back where you found it.

24 Hour Cancellation Notice

FORCE SPORTS CENTER has a strict 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY! If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of your start time you will forfeit your court fee and will be responsible for paying off any balance you may have for that booking.

Be prompt!

If your reservation ends at 6p please be off the court at 6p. We have other people coming and going so it is important for things to stay on time.

Net height

Please ask the on site facility staff member at front desk for crank to raise and lower net.

After you finish

Upon completion of your reservation, please make sure you put all equipment/balls and carts back where they came from.

After you finish

You are responsible for picking up any and all trash left on your court after your reservation is complete.

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